Public Housing Authority Developments 

293 units available

Brownell Homes: 168 Units
Joe Ruffin Homes: 29 Units
Jacquet Homes: 50 Units
Shannon Homes: 46 Units

Section 8 Vouchers: 134 units available

Section 8 Program Information

This Section 8 Program is a federally funded program administered by the Housing Authority of the City of Morgan City.  The Section 8 Program, often referred to as the  Housing Assistance Program (HAP), is designed to help low and moderate income families rent privately-owned housing.  The rental subsidy known as a housing assistance payment is paid directly to the property owner or designated payee each month.

This program is available to a limited number of families and allows them to pay approximately 30% to 40% of their income towards their monthly rent. The program pays the balance of the rent directly to the landlord in the form of a monthly check.